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Flying is so much fun, and you can learn to fly a plane yourself!  When you are the pilot, you have freedom and flexibility to go where you want, when you want to.  You can never run out of fascinating things to see from the air, and places to go experience.  Whether you fly a few miles for local sightseeing, takeoff for a fun lunch destination, or head out for a flying vacation you will have a great time!

With M & S Air Service, Inc. and Roger Tones, your Certified Flight Instructor, you’ll share in the love of flying!  Flying lessons themselves are great fun and a real adventure, always done with SAFETY FIRST, of course!  Then comes the big day when you get your license and the whole flying world is open to you!  You can take your family or friends and head for the open sky!  You’ll see the world in a whole new way – from above.

Start your flying experience today, by browsing through this website.  Hopefully it will give you some useful information.  Then we encourage you to contact us for a two-way conversation or personal visit to investigate further.  Before you know it, you’ll be taking your Introductory Flight, and you’ll be hooked.

With M & S Air Service, Inc. and Roger Tones as your Instructor, you can become a pilot.  We make learning to fly fun!

Your Training

If you are just beginning, or you would like to sample the experience of flying, then take an introductory flight.  You’ll be hooked! Then, when you decide that you are ready to learn to fly,  M & S Air Service, Inc. will provide you with the personalized training you need to become a Private Pilot, to earn your Instrument Rating, or to complete FAA requirements to keep your certificate current.

Roger Tones - Certified Flight Instructor

Introductory Flight

New or prospective students can take an introductory flight for a half-hour or an hour to see what flying feels like. You’ll be talked through the taxi, the takeoff, the flight itself, and the landing. You can handle the airplane the entire time, or for whatever portions you choose. You’ll use the same aircraft that you would use for your lessons; you will fly out of the same airport – Canandaigua Airport; and you will have the same instructor – Roger Tones. The only difference between the introductory flight and a regular lesson is that the introductory flight is a talk-through. In a regular lesson you will learn in more detail, including cause and effect, and in a regular lesson you are integrating the lesson with the reading you are doing in ground school. In either case, the flying time is good toward the minimum it takes to become a Private Pilot.

Private Pilot

This is where it all starts, and for many, this will be all you’ll need. You will be training to earn your FAA Private Pilot Certificate – Single Engine Land. This means that once you get your certificate, you will be able to fly small, single engine, gasoline-powered (not jet) aircraft, with fixed landing gear, that land on the land (not on water). You will be able to fly anywhere in the United States, during good weather, and you’ll be able to take passengers (not for pay, but you can split costs).

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours in the aircraft, plus the ground studies, though most students in the U.S. average 70-80 hours before they are ready to earn their Private Pilot Certificate.

Most of the students at M & S Air Service, Inc. will take their primary training in The Cessna 172.  The Cessna 172 has a nice, light touch and is a great plane to start to learn to fly.

Ground study, legally, can be obtained in many ways M & S Air Service, Inc. recommends a home study program, using a textbook by Jeppesen. This textbook is used throughout the U.S. You may also use a DVD-based or an online ground school program if you like, though the textbook is complete by itself. Your instructor will monitor your progress.

As part of your ground studies, M & S Air Service, Inc. provides practice tests to prepare you for the FAA written exam. You will be able to take that test after achieving a score in the 90s or better, with no weak areas, on the practice tests.

Your ground studies are paced to prepare you for each segment of your flight training, and once the written test is finished, one on one discussion on each ground school topic will prepare you to do well on the oral portion of the flight test.

Your flight training will be a mixture of dual training (with the instructor) and solo training (where you are flying the airplane alone, but being monitored by the instructor), and it will be done concurrently with your ground studies. Much of your training will be in the daytime, though there is some nightime flying. You will working out of Canandaigua Airport, and you will go to  towered airports such as Rochester and Ihica  and non-towered airports, such as Leroy and Dansville This mixture of airports allows you to become well-rounded and competent to go anywhere!

A thorough review of flight maneuvers at the end of your training, before the flight test, will allow you to be comfortable taking the test, and most important, you’ll be comfortable with your new Private Pilot Certificate.

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